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July 20, 2021

Top 10 Things To Do In Aruba

The Top 10 Things To In Aruba While On Vacation!

things to do in aruba natutal bridge

(Picture of Baby Natural Bridge Landmark in Aruba)

Nicknamed “One Happy Island,” Aruba is a sunny paradise situated in the southern region of the Caribbean Sea. Famous for soft white sand and sparkling blue water, anyone who visits expects relaxing days soaking up rays on a serene beach or an array of water sports and activities to try. What else can you do when you visit? Take a look at our top 10.

1. Visit the Beaches

There is no doubt that Aruba has some of the best beaches. With long stretches of soft white sand and clear turquoise water, miles of shore offer a relaxing place to take in the sunshine. For the more adventurous, surfing, kayaking, kiteboarding, and other water sports are available to try. Popular spots include Eagle Beach on the west side, the island’s widest beach and home of the Divi Divi tree. There is also Palm Beach for those looking for a little more life. This area offers resorts, shopping, restaurants, and nightclubs. Thrill seekers should head to Arashi Beach in the Noord district where surfing and snorkeling are popular. This beach features coral reefs and various wrecks offshore. Boca Grandi is the best kiteboarding beach, and for families looking for serenity, head to Baby Beach on the southern tip.

2. Take a Submarine Tour

You’ve seen the beauty of Aruba from above. How about taking a peek at the awe-inspiring sights below? Try a submarine expedition and check out the Caribbean from 130 feet below the water’s surface. The slow descent offers a view of everything from turtles, barracudas, and other sea life to sunken ships and other treasures hiding in the clear waters.

3. Book a Jeep Tour to Casibari Rocks

Some areas in Aruba are paved, but there are plenty of dirt trails and roads that are best traversed in a Jeep. These off-road trips are an exciting way to see some of the more remote sections of the island. There are different tours available to some of the best sights, including natural landscapes like waterfalls, cliffs, and wild terrain as well as historic buildings, bridges, lighthouses, and more. Make sure you choose one that brings you to Casibari Rocks, which features giant boulders stacked and ready for exploration. Climbing here offers one of the most breathtaking panoramic views, especially at sunset.

4. Visit the Donkey Sanctuary

Animal lovers will enjoy a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary at Bringamosa. Here you’ll meet 130 of these four-legged friends as they stroll around the roads and open areas. Drivers may even be treated to a donkey coming right up to the window to curiously see what is inside your vehicle.

5. Explore Oranjestad

Head over to the island’s capital, which is not only filled with shops, restaurants, and boutiques, but also one of the most colorful locations you’ll ever see. The Dutch-inspired building facades feel as if you are touring Amsterdam as you hop on the free tourist trolley that brings you from the cruise terminal all the way to the other side of the capital.

h2>6. Meet the De Palm Island Flamingos

Head over to the dock just 10 minutes from Oranjestad and hop on a boat to De Palm Island. The location is jam-packed with family fun and exciting sights, including waterslides, volleyball, snorkeling, banana boat rides, and more. The most unique things to look for are the Chilean flamingos that lounge along the shore. The tall, gray and light pink birds are protected by a fence around the lagoon so that guests can see but not touch them. In between your observations, check out a few of the restaurants on the island or rent a private cabana for relaxing in the sunshine.

7. Explore the Natural Bridge & the Arikok National Park

This park makes up about 18% of the entire island of Aruba and offers a look at lava formations, quartz, and limestone from inland to the coast. There are also unique snake and bird species as well as some of the oldest Arawak paintings, indigenous people of the area. Inside the park is the remains of the Natural Bridge. Initially carved out of the limestone cliffs by the water, the archway collapsed in 2005, but the area is still a top attraction for tourists and those looking for gorgeous views to photograph.

8. Visit the Butterfly Farm

Located in Oranjestad, the Butterfly Farm is home to hundreds of different exotic butterflies, including Caribbean monarchs, South American blue morphos, and many more. The farm provides a guided tour so you can not only view each species but also learn about them and their evolutionary cycle as well as how to handle them carefully. Lucky guests may even get a glimpse of new butterflies hatching from their cocoons. If you wear bright colors you may even attract a few to land on you.

9. See the Pedernales Wreck

Off the shore of Palm Beach about 25 feet below sea level sits the wrecked center portion of the SS Perdernales, a World War II lake tanker that was torpedoed by a German U-boat as it approached a refinery on Aruba. Since the wreck is in relatively shallow waters, divers, even beginners, can make their way down to get a closer look.

10. Head to Fort Zoutman Historical Museum

Built in 1796 as a way to protect the coast, Fort Zoutman is the oldest remaining building in Oranjestad. The historical museum transports you to another time as you peruse artifacts, documents, and more. Inside the courtyard, experience a replica kitchen that gives you a glimpse at how cooking was back in the day.

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