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May 21, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Travel to Aruba

Reopening of borders comes with some prerequisites for tourists for entry into Aruba as well as once in Aruba.

Requirements for entry:
– Mandatory ED card* to be filled in – this will be available online as of June 25th
– Self health declaration form to be submitted 72 hours prior to travel
– Visitors are encouraged to take a COVID-19 test (PCR) before traveling (in the US CVS and Rite-Aid do offer these tests) and to upload the test results to a new digital platform that the Aruba authorities are setting up or to bring their test proof with them. Alternatively visitors will need to pre-pay for a mandatory test upon arrival in Aruba (price initially indicated at US$75)
– Must have COVID-19 medical insurance coverage. (Aruba has arranged for insurance to be provided by insurance companies based in Aruba). An indication of the insurance cost was given by the Minister of Tourism and this was US$15 per insured person per day. It is also possible for a visitor to take out their own specific COVID-19 insurance coverage.
– Must consent to cooperate with all Aruba’s COVID-19 procedures and instructions including testing (if applicable), quarantine etc.
– Must wear a mask on the flight to Aruba (not required while vacationing on the island but recommended nonetheless where social distancing is more of a challenge).

Upon arrival there will be additional procedures at the Aruba airport:
– Temperature screening
– Obligatory PCR testing of ALL arriving passengers (except for those who have previously submitted proof of a PCR test)  and a mandatory 24-hour quarantine at the traveler’s accommodation while awaiting test results.
– Visitors who have submitted proof of a negative test during their ED card application will receive a temperature check and health interview by a medical professional, and if cleared, no further testing or 24-hour quarantine will be applicable to them
– Visitors who test positive will be transported to alternative accommodations for isolation and will not be staying at their originally reserved accommodations until recovered, at which point they can resume their vacation or depart from Aruba.
– Quarantine will be required for travel companions of a person who is suspected to be positive until the test results are available
– Travel companions of a person who is confirmed to be positive will need to go into quarantine for 14 days.

*The ED Card being referred to is not actually a card but the digital version of the Embarkation-Disembarkation Card that is handed out on flights to Aruba. The government has indicated that the ED Card website will be online on June 25th and aside from facilitating filling in the form digitally, it will also allow uploading of proof that a COVID-19 test has been done for persons who have taken the test before arriving in Aruba and wish to upload their proof beforehand. Proof can also be provided in a printed document upon arrival and that would also exempt one from needing to take the COVID-19 test here in Aruba.

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